MōVI Shoot in Manchester, with a sprinkling of Northern Soul

We thought we’d just share some behind the scenes stills from last thursday’s fully loaded (with remote unit and follow focus) MōVI shoot. The director wanted to get some really steady smooth shots following a well known DJ around town and in a small yet trendy club in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The production company had limited time with the talent so we had to achieve a lot in a very short time, also we needed to achieve a variety of tracking shots and moves within a busy club in a small space This was a perfect situation for the MoVI where steadicam or track and dolly just wouldn’t have been possible.


MōVI Manchester – Filming Live Rugby

Click Picture for Video – Click Titles for Post and Pics

One thing is for sure the MoVI M10 is certainly versatile, and the thing that strikes me most is how quickly you get go from deciding on a shot on set to realising it very quickly. In a situation like this were you’re reacting to what’s happening around you, I can’t think of any rig (even steadicam) which would be able to achieve these shots, on the fly and so close to the action.

We didn’t have the follow focus system out to play on this one, but very happy with the results on this one with a relatively deep focus.

After today’s shoot we’ve got a few custom mods in mind… watch this space.